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Improving Your Health and Vocabulary Simultaneously

Every individual is conscious of their health. In fact, everything they do on this earth is consciously or unconsciously focused on filling their stomachs. Since the beginning, human beings are seen to do everything in their power to never stay hungry. 

Food can  cook or uncook, bought from a store/restaurant or fresh from the garden. Eating anything and everything might not be good for your health, so it is absolutely necessary to be mindful of what you choose to have. Anything that gets rid of your hunger cannot always consider good food. Fruits and vegetables, pulses, cereals and grains can  eat as they would also keep you healthy and fit. 

Feeding your minds is as important as feeding your bodies. Have you ever eaten something not knowing what it actually was but just had it because it was tasty? All of us have done that. Next time you have a fruit, try finding out what fruit it is if you do not know. Learning fruit names can not just help you improve your vocabulary but digging a little deeper will help you learn how a particular fruit would benefit your health. 

Unlike fruits, most vegetables cann eat raw. It needs to  cook. If not some spicy or fried dish, you will have to at least boil vegetables with a pinch of salt. Again, you get to taste a number of dishes and not every vegetable tastes the same. The form in which a vegetable is add to cook a dish also affects the taste as well as its goodness. The common vegetables you see and use in your everyday dishes would be potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, capsicums, brinjals, onions, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, etc.

There are a lot more vegetables than these. Going through the article on vegetable names will educate you on the number of vegetables available not just in your country but all around the world. As you learn, see if you can get them and use them in your dishes if you are a person who loves to try out new dishes.

You will often get to see a lot of fruits when you go shopping at a grocery store or a supermarket. How often do you find a different fruit or vegetable and feel curious about what it is and how it tastes? Kids are different from adults. If you have noticed, you will see how excited a kid gets when they step foot into a grocery store. They go running around and pick up anything that they find different or interesting and would definitely come and ask you what it is.

That is the kind of urge all of you should possess. Now, with the advancement in technology, everyone has access to the internet, which provides information anytime and anywhere you need it. All that you have to do is search for whatever you are looking for and read through the huge chunks of information available to learn what they are and how they can  use to benefit your health. 


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