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Why is a nurse call device important in our life?

Why is a nurse call device important in our life?

Why is a nurse call device important in our life?

Technology is becoming increasingly important in healthcare. From early disease detection to faster response times, technological tools have improved our health, empowered our medical staff, and improved workflow in healthcare organizations. For example, the nurse call button has been at the head of each bed for several years, allowing patients to request assistance. With technological advancement, this nurse call button has evolved into an integrated system that provides a distinct set of benefits, including cost savings and increased functionality. Continue reading to learn how wireless nurse call systems improve communication and why having an updated system is critical for providing excellent patient care.


What is Nurse Call System?


A nurse call system’s basic premise is that it allows patients to communicate with nurses whenever they require assistance. Florence Nightingale developed the first system in the 1850s. This entailed placing handbells at the bedside so that patients could ring the bell for help.


To keep up with the increase in the number of patients and the increasing demands on nursing staff, nurse call systems have become much more sophisticated. Most facilities must now have designs with specific functions, such as door lights, to indicate when a patient requires assistance. In addition, most facilities will require a pillow speaker, a call button on the wall, and pull cords in patient rooms and restrooms to allow patients to request assistance when needed.


What is the Importance of a Nurse Call Device?


When nurse call systems are implemented, the quality of communication improves. The system includes an advanced messaging system that automatically forwards messages to doctors and nurses based on the patient’s condition and whether or not a doctor is required.


A text message or even audio sent to the nurse or doctor’s device can inform them of the nature of the emergency, such as “Code Blue in Room 145.” or “Fall Alert in Room 218.” More information becomes available when a nurse call system is linked to heart monitors and other medical equipment. These, in turn, alert nurses to potentially dangerous acute conditions such as patient arrhythmia or dangerously high fever.


When patients receive adequate, timely, and efficient care, they are more comfortable, relaxed, and happy, which increases their recovery rate. The nurse call system makes the above possible, and the nurse call system makes the work environment more comfortable for doctors, nurses, and staff. A nurse call system can eliminate or reduce a significant amount of stress.


The Advantages of Nurse Call Systems


These call systems are often required for your facility due to their numerous benefits. In addition, these systems can improve patient safety and satisfaction.


Wireless nurse call devices provide patients with timely care, which is especially important in life-or-death situations where response time determines the odds. The wireless nurse call device alerts medical personnel and sends them the patient’s exact location. If the patient is equipped with a wireless hand transmitter, he or she can be located anywhere within the hospital or care facility.


Many hospitals still use paper documentation, which delays patient admission, medical research, and diagnosis. Healthcare management, on the other hand, can be improved. For example, with an intelligent wireless nurse call system, you can digitalize your healthcare administration and save all information in a cloud database that is linked to the hospital network.


These nurse call systems are ideal for emergencies because they reduce the communication barrier between patients and hospital professionals. It improves patient safety and is thus in high demand in the healthcare market. Because professionals can communicate with patients 24 hours a day, they no longer have to worry about being late in handling any emergencies.


According to WHO, there is still a shortage of nursing professionals in the market. Along with proper medical equipment, hospitals continue to fight for better nursing professionals.


Because of the shortage, nurses are constantly stressed and anxious at work. And, on occasion, the workload becomes so intense that they are forced to leave this profession.


This problem is manageable with the proper implementation strategy and these nurse call systems. In addition, stress can be reduced by reducing paperwork and improving communication between professionals and patients.


Monitoring technology benefits both medical staff and hospital administration. Throughout the day, healthcare workers treat a large number of patients. During this process, information is passed down many times, resulting in information loss or even a medical error. With monitoring technology, healthcare processes are constantly monitored, ensuring patient safety. NurseTab allows medical personnel to record the following:



It is not an exaggeration to say that a nurse call system can save lives by allowing for a quick response to medical needs. It also makes the lives of your facility’s nurses easier by enabling them to connect with patient rooms more quickly. Finally, it provides some relief to everyone, including family members.

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